Considerations during uncertain times

Unprecedented...  a word that is in everyone's vocabulary today and hardly a day goes by that I don't hear it used, but the fact of the matter is we are in uncharted waters.  The current situation the world finds itself in has never been experienced at this level and we are all struggling to cope with stir-crazy kids at home, with job layoffs or uncertainty or with the social isolation we are all (hopefully) experiencing.

For many, we went into this solitary period with high aspirations... homeschooling children, new exercise or eating goals or plans on how we were going to take this time to improve ourselves.   While these are all admirable intentions, times of high anxiety or fear may not be the best to make massive changes and I would encourage you to breathe through it all and give yourself some space to just "be".

Like many others, I went into this with all good intentions of learning a new language, puzzle time and set times for learning activities like reading, cursive practice and math exercises.  I found halfway through week two of being isolated at home my 10 year old was showing signs of sadness and despair.  She was lonely and as much as we were trying to limit her time on electronics, her devices were the only way she could continue being connected with her friends and extended family.

Since we eased up on our home "structure", she has bounced back and is our joyful little girl again, and better still, she has connected and is spending time with cousins she normally only sees a few times a year and loves video chatting with her grandparents.  Yes, we still do the games and puzzles and get out for walks but we let go of the regimented timelines and are letting our days flow.

If you are finding any of these goals causing you additional stress and unhappiness, I urge you to let it go and just give you and your family space to do what you need to do to be and stay healthy, physically but more importantly, mentally...

I have been so happy to see all of the positives that have come out of this time of uncertainty and isolation.  The unique and wonderful ways that people are still connecting and supporting friends, family and community... neighbourhood scavenger hunts, drive-by birthday parties, wine socials on zoom and so much more.  For those of you spreading love and positivity, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

From our family to yours, we send you love and bubbles full of joy and peace.  Together we are stronger and together we will get through this!

Although I had a different idea for this month's blog, thinking to talk about mortgage deferral options and financial strategies, this felt more authentic to me right now.   I am still covering financial information and more on my social media sites so I do invite you to check in there often if you are looking for information or updates.